WHBL Board Contact List

Updated Tuesday January 31, 2017 by West Hill Baseball League.

The WHBL Board is made up of parents who meet monthly from September - May to plan out the upcoming season.  We are proud to be nurturing a passion for baseball in the children of our community.


Contact our President (Mike Yen) for more information if you would like to become a member of the WHBL Board.


To contact the following individuals, please call or click on the corresponding email address.

President Mike Yen         president@westhillbaseball.com
(416) 902-7451
VP House League Debbie Wheeler      vphouseleague@westhillbaseball.com
(416) 258-1795
VP Select David Clasky          VPSelect@westhillbaseball.com
(416) 712-5297
Registrar Vera Buckner-Puckrin registrar@westhillbaseball.com
(416) 220-6195
Treasurer Joanne Shultz Dielissen   treasurer@westhillbaseball.com
(416) 567-6841
Secretary Angela Ayoung-Chee Secretary@westhillbaseball.com
(416) 287-9278
Equipment Manager Jaak Todhunter       Equipment@westhillbaseball.com
(905) 330-9571
Umpire-In-Chief Mickey Kennedy       Umpires@westhillbaseball.com
(647) 922-6125
Webmaster Anthony Antinucci  Webmaster@westhillbaseball.com
(416) 990-4314
Social Director Donna Moores          SocialDirector@westhillbaseball.com
(416) 301-3426
House League Scheduler Paresh Langalia    scheduler@westhillbaseball.com
(416) 990-9344
House League Statistician John McMillen            Statistician@westhillbaseball.com
(416) 799-1249
Director of Field Development Darryl Morey          FieldDevelopment@westhillbaseball.com
(416) 888-2872
Director of Sponsors Darryl Morey              Sponsors@westhillbaseball.com
(416) 888-2872
Director of Bingo Debbie Coutu            Bingo@westhillbaseball.com
(647) 297-8187
Director of Fundraising Doug Hawley         Fundraising@westhillbaseball.com
(416) 281-8335
Co-Director of Donations Jennifer Vincent    donations@westhillbaseball.com
(647) 999-9221
Co-Director of Donations Danielle Vincent    donations@westhillbaseball.com
(647) 224-0562
Director of Public Relations Jennifer Leonard              publicrelations@westhillbaseball.com
(416) 738-6698
Director of Player Development Mark Crone      playerdevelopment@westhillbaseball.com
(416) 209-6868
T-Ball/Blast Ball Doug Hawley


(416) 281-8335
Rookie Ball Gord Smardenkas gordsmardenkas@yahoo.ca
(416) 471-4584
Mosquito David Clasky VPSelect@westhillbaseball.com
(416) 712-5297
Peewee TBD