WHBL Board Contact List

Updated Tuesday June 25, 2019 by West Hill Baseball League.

The WHBL Board is made up of parents who meet monthly from September - May to plan out the upcoming season.  We are proud to be nurturing a passion for baseball in the children of our community.

Our mailing address is P.O. Box 15515, 265 Port Union Road, West Hill, M1C 4Z7.

Contact our President (Mike Yen) for more information if you would like to become a member of the WHBL Board.


To contact the following individuals, please call or click on the corresponding email address.

President Mike Yen         president@westhillbaseball.com
(416) 902-7451
VP House League Vera Buckner-Puckrin      vphouseleague@westhillbaseball.com
(416) 457-7264
VP Select David Clasky          VPSelect@westhillbaseball.com
(416) 702-2771
Registrar Anthony Antinucci registrar@westhillbaseball.com
(416) 990-4314
Treasurer Joanne Shultz Dielissen   treasurer@westhillbaseball.com
(416) 567-6841
Secretary Angela Ayoung-Chee Secretary@westhillbaseball.com
(416) 287-9278
Equipment Manager Jaak Todhunter       Equipment@westhillbaseball.com
(905) 330-9571
Umpire-In-Chief Mickey Kennedy       Umpires@westhillbaseball.com
(647) 922-6125
Assistant Umpire-In-Chief Mei Wareham  
(416) 505-0139
Webmaster Gabriel Nijmeh Webmaster@westhillbaseball.com
(647) 231-1338
Co-social Director Chris Davidge SocialDirector@westhillbaseball.com
(647) 201-6936
Co-social Director George Clarke  
(647) 871-1043
House League Scheduler Dawn Meszaros scheduler@westhillbaseball.com
(416) 286-5015
House League Statistician John McMillen            Statistician@westhillbaseball.com
(416) 799-1249
Director of Field Development Josh Duggan FieldDevelopment@westhillbaseball.com
(647) 381-7467
Assistant Director of Field Development Mark Crone  
(416) 282-3075
Director of Sponsors Greg Blazina              Sponsors@westhillbaseball.com
(416) 500-6190
Director of Bingo Debbie Tulk            Bingo@westhillbaseball.com
(647) 297-8187
Director of Fundraising Doug Hawley         Fundraising@westhillbaseball.com
(416) 281-8335
Co-Director of Donations Donna Moores  donations@westhillbaseball.com
(416) 301-3426
Co-Director of Donations Jennifer Vincent  
(647) 999-9221
Co-Director of Donations Danielle Vincent  
(647) 224-0562
Director of Public Relations Kyle Gulab publicrelations@westhillbaseball.com
(416) 799-5018
Director of Player Development Mark Crone  
T-Ball/Blast Ball Doug Hawley


(416) 281-8335
Rookie Ball Gord Smardenkas gordsmardenkas@yahoo.ca
(416) 471-4584
Mosquito Mark Crone


Peewee Tom Puckrin tom_puckrin72@yahoo.ca