Rookie Ball

Updated Wednesday May 9, 2018 by West Hill Baseball League.

Rookie Ball division plays two nights a week, please check the schedule for times and locations.

The diamonds usually used for Rookie Ball games are: Charlottetown, Canmore Park, or Burrows Hall. For directions click on the side menu.


Games start at 6:30 pm.  No new inning after 8:00 pm, and game is dead at 8:15 pm.


Rookie Ball uses a ZOOKA Pitching Machine, which is generally set at 35-40 mph.  The pitching machine can only be adjusted (height and speed) at the beginning of a new inning with the agreement of both coaches and the umpire.  Pitching machines are operated by a coach or parent helper.


Please see attached rules.

Rookie Ball Rules revised May 2018.docx