Dolphin Bingo

Looking for Volunteers

Updated Monday December 31, 2018 by West Hill Baseball League.

What is Charity Bingo? 

Non-profit organizations volunteer at bingo events in return for a portion of the revenue generated by the bingo hall.  The West Hill Baseball League relies on charity bingo proceeds for over 40% of its annual operating budget!


Bingo revenue offsets the need for additional fundraising and higher registration fees.  Bingo also helps to fund the purchase of needed equipment, and enables our Select teams to play and attend tournaments at a subsidized cost.


West Hill Baseball volunteers at Dolphin Bingo once or twice a week, usually on Friday, Saturday or Sunday evenings. Two volunteers are required at each session. If you are interested in learning more about our bingo sessions and becoming one of our loyal bingo volunteers, please contact Debbie Tulk (, 647-297-8187)