Mosquito Finals: Cardinals vs Pirates

Updated Sunday August 18, 2019 by West Hill Baseball League.

Congratulations to the Mosquito Cardinals & Mosquito Pirates for advancing to our House League Finals.

The Final will be played Tuesday August 20th at Neilson Park at 6:30pm.

Please note that we will follow the same regular season rules with some modifications.


  • In each game of the “Playoff Round Robin”, the “home team” will be the team with the better “Regular Season” record.
  • In the Final Championship game, the “home team” will be decided by coin toss, with the team with the better record calling the coin flip.
  • Teams MUST have a minimum of 7 players. If a team has less than seven players, the team will forfeit the game and a 0-7 score will be recorded. There is a 15 minute grace period from the scheduled game start time to reach the minimum number of required players.
  • The Championship Final game will be a 7 inning game if played at a diamond with lights, subject to weather conditions and Convener discretion.
  • Mercy rule: For innings 1-4, there will be a 5 run per inning max. For innings 5-6, there will be a 10 run per inning max, the 7th inning will be an open inning.

Good luck to both teams!