Bantam and Midget Exhibition Game Schedule

Updated Wednesday May 15, 2019 by West Hill Baseball League.



Here is the Bantam and Midget exhibition schedule. Teams will be drafted by Friday, May 16th and coaches will be in touch with team members. 

We have two Bantam teams: West Hill GOLD & West Hill NAVY 

and two Midget teams: West HIll GOLD & West Hill NAVY

Tues, May 21st      
BANTAM Highview BBL vs ET Black 6:30 PM
BANTAM Heron Park ET Blue vs West Hill Gold 6:30 PM
BANTAM Scarborough Village ET Grey vs West Hill Navy 6:30 PM
BANTAM Wishing Well Wex-Agin Gold vs Wex-Agin Green 6:30 PM
Wed, May 22nd      
BANTAM Heron Park ET Black vs West Hill Navy 6:30 PM
BANTAM Highview Wex-Agin Green vs BBL 6:30 PM
BANTAM Wishing Well West Hill Gold vs Wex-Agin Gold 6:30 PM
Thurs, May 23rd      
BANTAM Highview ET Grey vs ET Blue 6:30 PM
Tues, May 21st      
MIDGET Highview Wex-Agin M vs BBL M 8:50 PM
MIDGET Heron Park West Hill Gold vs West Hill NAVY 8:50 PM
Wed, May 22nd      
MIDGET Highview BBL vs ET 8:50 PM
MIDGET Wishing Well West Hill NAVY vs Wex-Agin 8:50 PM
Thurs, May 23rd      
MIDGET Scarborough Village ET vs West Hill Gold 8:50 PM